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How to Run the Power Play in Football (Includes Images)

ByCoach Martin|Football Plays

The Power Play is among the most used offensive plays in football today, with more and more teams running it out of multiple offensive formations.

This adds a lot of versatility, as even teams that like to spread the field with multiple wide receivers will sometimes need plays to gain just a few yards every once in a while.

Though ideal for short yard gains, teams can also use the Power Play at just about any point in the game, and from any spot on the field.

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What is a Trap Run in Football? (Full Explanation)

ByCoach Martin|Football Plays

Running a successful offense is contingent on confusing the defense.

Against good defenses, teams can’t just run the same few plays over and over again and expect to be successful every time.

Misdirection plays such as play-action passes and draw runs are great ways to keep the defense off balance and guessing at all times.

However, not all misdirection plays are meant to confuse the entire defense.

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Cover 4 Beaters: 5 Plays to Dominate the Cover 4 Defense

ByCoach Martin|Football Plays

Cover 4 is one of the most popular defensive schemes in football.

Also known as Quarters coverage, it includes having four defenders deep and three-under in a zone-type defensive scheme.

At the same time, it’s very popular because defenses are able to use principles of man-to-man defensive schemes to allow either of the safeties to put double coverage on the offense’s big-time receivers.

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