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Understanding the RPO in Football (Run-Pass Option)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

The RPO is a play that gives the quarterback the option to either hand the ball off to a running back or make a quick pass to a receiver instead.

It’s a misdirection play that’s designed to keep defenders off balance, on their toes, and guessing on whether the play is a pass or a run.

So, here’s a closer look at what the RPO is, how it’s run, and three RPO plays with explanations on the quarteback’s reads.

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7 on 7 Flag Football Plays (The Top 10 Plays for Kids)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

When creating offensive 7 on 7 flag football plays, the idea is to try to get the ball to a receiver or running back in space.

Since in flag football, all a defender has to do is rip off a flag from a belt (rather than make a tackle), the idea is to keep the ball handler as far away from defenders as possible.

This makes creating offensive plays in 7 on 7 flag football slightly different than that for normal tackle football.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 7 on 7 flag football plays for offenses — five passes followed by five runs.

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