What is a Bootleg Play in Football? (Explained)

ByCoach Martin|Football Plays

To be successful, offenses have to incorporate misdirection plays to keep defenses off balance.

If teams only called straight running plays up the middle and short passing plays, the defense would catch on and key in on the play before they even happened.

That’s why offensive coaches come up with plays that make the defense think a play is going one way — when in fact it’s doing the exact opposite.

One of the most common misdirection plays offenses run is the bootleg play.

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What is a Pancake Block in Football? (Explained)

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

Every offensive lineman dreams of executing pancake blocks.

It’s the outcome coaches hope for in every block by every offensive lineman on every running play.

While there is no official statistic for pancake blocks in football, it’s one of the most celebrated plays by offensive line coaches and offensive line groups.

It’s a great individual accomplishment and something definitely worth celebrating.

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How Long is a Football Game? (All Levels Answered)

ByCoach Martin|Miscellaneous

The game of football, and how it’s built, is similar for all skill levels.

The game consists of four quarters, with a halftime between the second and third quarters.

After the four quarters are over, there is an overtime period if the game is still tied.

While this structure is true for all levels of football, how long each of these quarters are, as well as the halftime, differs for each level.

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