Safety Guide for Serious Football Players (Tips and Tricks)

What is a Safety in Football? (Complete Position Guide)

By Coach Martin | Football Positions

Safeties have that rare combination of speed and coverage skill of traditional cornerbacks, with the strength, vision, and tackling ability of traditional linebackers.

For this reason, great safeties don’t come along every day.

If you want to be a great safety, you need to work hard on getting strong, building your speed, learning offenses, and making sure you’re a sound tackler.

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What is 21 Personnel Football (Full Explanation)

What is 21 Personnel in Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

Coaches in football give different offensive alignments different names, based on how many players at each position are on the field.

Doing this simplifies the call so that the defense can quickly recognize the type of offense they’ll face, as well as what’s most likely going to come at them as a result.

These are what’s known as personnel groupings, and one of them is the 21 Personnel.

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Flag Football Rules (Easy Beginners Guide)

By Coach Martin | Football Rules & Penalties

Flag football is becoming an increasingly popular version of the sport, especially at the youth level.

For one, it doesn’t have any of the hard-hitting regular football does, which helps protect younger bodies from the wear and tear of the game.

This is especially important for younger kids, as their bodies are not fully grown and developed yet, and their growth could seriously suffer from major injuries too early on in life.

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What is an Illegal Forward Pass in Football (Full Explanation)

What is an Illegal Forward Pass in Football? (Explained)

By Coach Martin | Football Rules & Penalties

Every play on offense is one of two things — either a run or a pass.

After the snap, the quarterback usually does one of two things: either hand the ball off (or toss it) to the running back for a run upfield, or pass it forward to one of their receivers.

With majority of teams preferring to run the ball back in the day, the forward pass was a revolutionary change in football more than 100 years ago.

Teams use these plays to advance the ball quickly downfield, taking advantage of various size/speed mismatches that wide receivers, tight ends and even running backs have over their defenders.

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What is a Flanker in Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Positions

The basic positions in football are common knowledge to most people who play, coach or love to watch the game.

Mention a quarterback, running back, linebacker, tight end, safety and wide receiver, and many people will know exactly what you’re talking about.

People use these position groups to help categorize players into buckets of other similar players who will have certain responsibilities on the field.

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football stances

The 3 Football Stances Every Player Must Know

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

No matter what position you play in football, you’ll need to set up in a specific stance before each play starts.

This stance, or way that you position your body, will help you get started off on the right foot when the play begins.

There are three main stances used in football — used by different players in different situations, as they allow the player to start the play off in the best position as possible.

Understanding these stances and what their strengths are is important so you know when to use them during a game.

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