quarters coverage

Quarters Coverage Football Coaching Guide (Includes Images)

By Coach Martin | Football Defense

Quarters Coverage is one of the best defensive schemes you can teach your football team.

It’s equally as good against the pass as it is against the run, which makes it extremely versatile, especially in today’s game.

It can be run out of both a 4-3 and 3-4 base defensive alignment, which also simplifies the responsibilities for a lot of players on the field.

It’ll present some extra challenges for safeties to identify and meet their responsibilities, but it’s not too difficult for younger players to learn.

Here’s a closer look at the coverage scheme.

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zone blocking

Understanding the Zone Blocking Scheme in Football

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

The zone blocking scheme is a great way to counter any defensive play that might be called.

It provides a lot of advantages for offensive linemen, no matter what defensive play is called.

While it’s a little more complicated to teach and learn than the man blocking scheme, it isn’t too difficult that it’d be hard for younger players to learn.

The earlier you teach the zone blocking scheme to your players, and the more often you practice it, the easier it’ll be for them to master it.

Here’s a closer look at what the zone blocking scheme is, starting with the problem in man blocking that was created by the slant and angle defense.

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How to Kick a Field Goal in Football (7-Step Guide)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

Kickers aren’t often thought of among the most important players on a football team.

That is, of course, until they become the brunt of the blame for missing a key field goal… or until the entire team rushes the field to celebrate after the kicker makes a game-winning kick as time expires.

Kicking is an extremely important part of football that is often overlooked by the everyday fan.

Football coaches know just how important having a good kicking game is, though, which is why an entire coach is dedicated just to helping the kickers get better.

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l drill

How to Run the L Drill to Improve Speed and Agility (3 Cone Drill)

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

The L Drill is one of the best drills coaches can teach their football players.

It’s a drill that should be run by players at all positions since it works on improving speed and agility.

It’s very simple to set up and teach.

And in addition to helping players improve their agility and speed, the L Drill can also integrate team-building activities into your practice.

Here’s a look at how this drill is set up and run so that you can teach your players how to run it.

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play action

The Best Time to Use Play Action in a Football Game (and 3 Examples)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

The play action pass is one of the most effective misdirection plays for an offense. At the same time, it’s one of the most basic and simplest plays for an offense to install.

Play action passes can be run out of literally every offensive formation there is. But there are certain game situations in which the play action pass is more effective than others.

So, offensive coaches should learn when these times in the game are so that they can call an effective game plan to take advantage of what the defense is trying to do.

In this article, you’ll read about when the play action pass is more effective as well as three examples of play action passes.

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Fullback Guide for Serious Football Players (Tips and Tricks)

By Coach Martin | Football Positions

Fullback may be a position that’s disappearing from some higher levels of football, but it’s still very prominent in youth football.

It’s an extremely important position to the offenses that employ them, and it’s a challenging position to play at the same time.

Fullbacks are asked to do several different things — from blocking, to carrying the ball, to catching passes.

And they’re asked to do it all while taking hard contact consistently.

Fullback is often a thankless position, but it’s one that can be game-changing to an offense.

If this is a position that seems to be right up your alley, here are some things you need to have and strive to obtain to be an amazing fullback.

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Linebacker Guide for Serious Football Players (Tips and Tricks)

By Coach Martin | Football Positions

Great linebackers can have a monumental impact on a football game. They can completely change the direction of a defense just by being on the field.

But what makes a great linebacker? What are some of their top traits?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the position, and what can players do if they want to become great linebackers?

Here’s a look at all these aspects.

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football agility drills

5 Football Agility Drills for More Explosiveness and Speed

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Building agility is very important in football.

It’s a sport that’s constantly requiring players to change directions, run at angles, and run as fast as they can, but not in straight lines.

Agility is a skill that all football players need to constantly work on.

It’s not necessarily a learned skill, such as how to block, how to throw a ball, how to tackle, and how to catch a pass.

It’s more of a skill like speed and strength that you’ll work on in practice with the entire team for players at every position.

Any football coach that’s looking to build agility in his players should start by running these five football agility drills.

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football tackling drills

5 Football Tackling Drills to Be More Effective on Defense

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Teaching the basics of tackling is the most important thing defensive coaches can do for their players.

You can work for hours on positional drills and defensive schemes, but it won’t be worth anything if your players don’t know how to tackle properly.

Tackling is a skill that needs to be taught at the youngest ages of football, but it’s also something that needs to be reinforced and worked on as players advance to higher levels of the game.

Ultimately, tackling is probably the most important skill any defender will learn.

Here are five football tackling drills every coach should teach their players:

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football conditioning drills

5 Football Conditioning Drills to Reach Peak Fitness

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Endurance is essential for all football players, regardless of which position they play.

And the best way for coaches to have players work on their endurance is through football conditioning drills.

They’re a great way to make sure that your players get their bodies acclimated to the running, effort, and endurance that’s needed to make it through an entire four-quarter football game.

So, here are five football conditioning drills coaches should use to improve their entire team’s conditioning.

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