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Double Punt: Can You Kick the Ball Twice in Football?

ByCoach Martin|Football Rules & Penalties

When offenses stall on third down and are too far away from the opponent’s end zone to try for a touchdown or a field goal, they’ll often punt the ball away to the other team.

Although they give away possession of the football, it’s much better than the alternative — losing possession at the spot where they last held the ball.

The punt gives the offense the chance to pin the other team deep so that they have to march down the length of the field if they want to score.

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What is an Illegal Formation in Football? (Full Explanation)

ByCoach Martin|Football Rules & Penalties

Football offenses back in the day focused primarily on running the ball, employing bigger players who could physically overpower their defensive counterparts.

As players began to develop new skills and training practices, however, coaches began to open up the game and incorporate more passing plays into the scheme.

Over the years, offensive coaches have constantly innovated to try to stay one step ahead of defenses — and to take advantage of speedier, stronger players at just about every position.

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What is Face Masking in Football? (Full Penalty Explanation)

ByCoach Martin|Football Rules & Penalties

Football players wear a helmet with a face mask to protect their head, neck and face while playing this high-contact sport.

Players should treat helmets as protective equipment and shouldn’t use it to make a hit on another player or used in any other way.

Sometimes, though, players end up hitting, pushing or grabbing another player’s helmet and/or face mask.

When this happens, it can result in a penalty called by the referee.

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What is Illegal Touching in Football? (Full Explanation)

ByCoach Martin|Football Rules & Penalties

An illegal touching penalty only applies to the first player who touches the ball on a forward pass.

For example, if the quarterback throws a pass to a wide receiver and that wide receiver touches the ball first, only he will be subject to a potential illegal touching penalty.

If the wide receiver tips the ball and it travels in the air to someone else, that second person isn’t subject to the penalty.

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