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Shaving Points in Football (Here’s How It Works)

By Coach Martin | Miscellaneous

As sports gambling grows in popularity around the world — with countries continuing to pass legislation that legalizes it — there has been an increase in attention to shaving points in football and other sports.

Shaving points involves players getting influenced by sports bettors to take certain actions during a game to affect the final score.

Know that shaving points in football and other sports is illegal.

It can (and has) resulted in people spending time in jail and getting banned from the sports they play for life.

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How Long is a Football Game? (All Levels Answered)

By Coach Martin | Miscellaneous

The game of football, and how it’s built, is similar for all skill levels.

The game consists of four quarters, with a halftime between the second and third quarters.

After the four quarters are over, there is an overtime period if the game is still tied.

While this structure is true for all levels of football, how long each of these quarters are, as well as the halftime, differs for each level.

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What is a Stunt in Football (Full Explanation and Examples)

By Coach Martin | Miscellaneous

Defensive coaches always look for ways to keep the offense off-balance.

They can’t just have every defender cover the player they line up opposite of on every play. If they did, it would be easy for the offense to design plays to take advantage of this.

Similarly, it’s not a good idea to have all the defensive linemen and linebackers charge straight ahead on every play either, as it would be easy for offensive coaches to design blocking schemes to counter this.

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