What is a Flanker in Football? (Full Explanation)

ByCoach Martin|Football Positions

The basic positions in football are common knowledge to most people who play, coach or love to watch the game.

Mention a quarterback, running back, linebacker, tight end, safety and wide receiver, and many people will know exactly what you’re talking about.

People use these position groups to help categorize players into buckets of other similar players who will have certain responsibilities on the field.

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football stances

The 3 Football Stances Every Player Must Know

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

No matter what position you play in football, you’ll need to set up in a specific stance before each play starts.

This stance, or way that you position your body, will help you get started off on the right foot when the play begins.

There are three main stances used in football — used by different players in different situations, as they allow the player to start the play off in the best position as possible.

Understanding these stances and what their strengths are is important so you know when to use them during a game.

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Double Punt: Can You Kick the Ball Twice in Football?

ByCoach Martin|Football Rules & Penalties

When offenses stall on third down and are too far away from the opponent’s end zone to try for a touchdown or a field goal, they’ll often punt the ball away to the other team.

Although they give away possession of the football, it’s much better than the alternative — losing possession at the spot where they last held the ball.

The punt gives the offense the chance to pin the other team deep so that they have to march down the length of the field if they want to score.

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singleback formation

Singleback Formation Football Coaching Guide (Includes Images)

ByCoach Martin|Football Offense

The Singleback Formation is one of the most popular offensive formations in football today.

Teams can use it at all different levels of the game, mainly because of all the different variations coaches can install with it.

This formation is very easy to teach, and there are ways that both run-heavy youth football teams as well as pass-happy professional teams can use it with great success.

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Wide Receiver Guide for Serious Football Players (Tips and Tricks)

What is a Wide Receiver in Football? (WR Position Guide)

ByCoach Martin|Football Positions

Wide receiver is often considered a flashy position, and for good reason.

Wide receivers are often known for their boisterous personalities as much as they are for their outstanding football skills.

Truly great wide receivers are more than just pass catchers, though.

They’re dedicated students of the game, and they’re committed to giving 100% on every play — no matter whether they’re the primary passing target, a decoy, or have blocking responsibilities on a running play.

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