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5 Crazy Trick Plays in Football (And How to Run Them)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

Maybe you need to give your team a jolt of energy, score some points quickly, or turn the field around to get out of a bad situation.

These are all times when a coach might call for a crazy trick play.

These trick plays are more than just simple misdirection plays like a draw play or the play-action pass.

Instead, they are full-blown deceptions designed to completely confuse every defender.

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What is a Bootleg Play in Football? (Explained)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

To be successful, offenses have to incorporate misdirection plays to keep defenses off balance.

If teams only called straight running plays up the middle and short passing plays, the defense would catch on and key in on the play before they even happened.

That’s why offensive coaches come up with plays that make the defense think a play is going one way — when in fact it’s doing the exact opposite.

One of the most common misdirection plays offenses run is the bootleg play.

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play action

What is Play Action in Football? (3 Plays With Diagrams)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

The play action pass is one of the most effective misdirection plays for an offense. At the same time, it’s one of the most basic and simplest plays for an offense to install.

Play action passes can be run out of literally every offensive formation there is. But there are certain game situations in which the play action pass is more effective than others.

So, offensive coaches should learn when these times in the game are so that they can call an effective game plan to take advantage of what the defense is trying to do.

In this article, you’ll read about when the play action pass is more effective as well as three examples of play action passes.

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jet sweep

The Jet Sweep Play for Youth Football Teams (With Video)

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

The jet sweep is one of the best plays an offensive coach can teach his youth football team.

It helps younger players take advantage of the fact that they’re often undersized.

It gets the ball into your most talented players quickly, and it attacks the defense where it’s weakest — on the outside.

Most importantly, it’s a play that can result in big gains without being too difficult for players to understand.

Here’s an in-depth look into what the jet sweep is, the formations that it can be run out of, how to coach youth football players on it, and some example plays.

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football plays

12 Football Plays for Easy First Downs and Touchdowns

By Coach Martin | Football Plays

There are plenty of instances in football where the offense just needs to gain a few yards to get a first down or score a touchdown.

These crucial plays will often determine the outcome of the game.

That’s why coaches need to have some high-percentage plays in their playbook that they can call for these times.

The good news is that there are plenty of great plays that the offense can use to get this done.

In this article, you’ll read about some of the best short-yardage football plays for a few of the most common and popular offensive formations.

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