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Football Positions Explained (Offensive, Defensive, Special Teams)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

Unlike a lot of other sports, it’s rather difficult to understand all the various football positions on a team.

While there are only 11 players on each team on the field at any one time, there are three distinct “units” for each football team:

(1) The Offense, (2) The Defense, (3) Special Teams

This means that there are 33 different football positions — or slight variations of positions — throughout a game.

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What is an Illegal Shift in Football? (The Rule Explained)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

In football, as in any sport, there are some easy-to-understand rules and some not-so-easy-to-understand rules. The “illegal shift” falls into the latter category. Not many people truly understand what an illegal shift in football is, why the rule is in place, and how referees can spot the infraction. However, one thing is for certain… It’s easy to understand how […]

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