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1-Point Safety: The Nearly Impossible Way to Score 1 Point in Football

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

There are many ways to score points in a football game. The most common point-scoring plays include a touchdown (6 points) and a field goal (3 points).

Smaller point totals are also given for conversions after a touchdown, including 1 point for an extra point and 2 points for what’s known as a two-point conversion.

Teams can also score 2 points on a safety, which is a much rarer occurrence.

Even more rare is a 1-point safety.

This scoring play is so rare that not many people even know it exists — but it does.

Let’s take a look at the history of the 1-point safety, and what a team would have to do in order to convert one.

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How to Kick a Field Goal in Football (7-Step Guide)

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

Kickers aren’t often thought of among the most important players on a football team.

That is, of course, until they become the brunt of the blame for missing a key field goal… or until the entire team rushes the field to celebrate after the kicker makes a game-winning kick as time expires.

Kicking is an extremely important part of football that is often overlooked by the everyday fan.

Football coaches know just how important having a good kicking game is, though, which is why an entire coach is dedicated just to helping the kickers get better.

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How to Tackle in Football (7-Step Guide)

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

Following the proper tackling form will not only allow you to avoid injury — and to avoid causing injury to another — but it’ll also ensure that you tackle the most effectively, accurately, and with the most power.

Practicing the fundamentals will also keep you from being faked out by a ball carrier and left in the dust as he runs downfield.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to tackle in football properly.

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75 Football Books That Can Change Your Life

ByCoach Martin|Football Basics

This list of football books is a great reading list for all football junkies out there.

Whether you’re a coach or player trying to develop your skills, a novice fan just trying to learn the ropes, or a devout follower who wants to read something football-related while waiting in between seasons, these 75 football books are for you.

This list is complete with biographies of legendary coaches, memoirs of star players, inspirational messages from respected football figures, and manuals for strategies and schemes.

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