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What is a Quarterback Sneak in Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

In short-yardage situations, a football offense will often change their playcalling approach to gain just a yard or two.

On third-and-2, for example, most teams will call plays that have the objective of only gaining those two yards necessary.

Instead of spreading the field out and calling a long passing play, for example, the offense may bring in extra offensive linemen, tight ends and fullbacks to power the ball forward a few yards on the ground.

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What is a PAT in Football? (Explained)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

If you watch an NFL game, you might think that all touchdowns are worth 7 points.

That’s because in most cases, when a team scores a touchdown, you’ll see their score increase by 7 points.

But, if you’re new to the game of football, what you might not realize is that there are two (2) parts to every touchdown.

When a player crosses the goal line with the ball in his hand, his team scores 6 points.

Then, that team has the opportunity to score one (1) additional point through what’s known as a PAT — or a Point After Touchdown.

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What is Targeting in Football? (Rule Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

In the last few years, football leagues have been trying to crack down on plays that have a high chance of causing serious injuries.

This is especially true for those that could result in a serious head injury.

As a result, the NFL, college football, and even other levels have instituted a new rule called Targeting.

This is a great new rule that really seeks to eliminate hard hits to an opponent’s head, which is a serious cause for concern.

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What is the Roughing the Kicker Rule in Football? (Answered)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

Football leagues have rules that protect players who find themselves in vulnerable positions.

Whether this be receivers waiting for a pass, kick returners waiting for the ball, or punters in the act of kicking, there are different rules that are set to reduce the chances of injuries in the game.

The Roughing the Kicker is one of those rules meant to protect both place kickers and punters while in the act of kicking.

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