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What is 11 Personnel Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Basics

Football coaches have come up with naming conventions for just about everything in the game to make things easier to understand on the fly.

By simply calling out a few numbers or a few words, they can accurately and effectively help themselves and everyone else understand a certain situation.

One example of this is the naming convention used to identify positions on the field on offense — generally referred to as personnel groupings.

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What is a Wheel Route in Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Strategies

The wheel route in football is one of the simplest, yet most devastating passing routes.

The route forces the defender to move quickly laterally, and then quickly turn around and start running upfield in hopes of covering the receiver.

It’s a great route to teach football players of any age because it’s so easy to learn and can be run from pretty much any area of the field.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what the wheel route is, why it’s called that, and how to run it.

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