70 Inspirational Football Movies to Watch Right Now

By Coach Martin | Miscellaneous

70 Inspirational Football Movies to Watch Right Now

Whether you’re looking for more football-related content to satiate your thirst for the sport while waiting in between seasons...

Or you’re just scrambling for more binge-watchable films to pass the time​, this list of 70 football movies is for you.

From silent movies of the 1920s to blockbuster films of the 21st century, this collection will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired.

It’s got a whole range of genres - biographical, comedy, and even fantasy and action.

Let’s get to it:

Top 70 Football Movies:

The Blind Side (2009) Movie Poster

Based on the book of the same title, this inspirational movie is based on the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless black teenager who was adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy and helped him get through school as well as gave him the opportunity to play football.

Leigh Anne, played by Sandra Bullock, goes all-out in helping him improve his grades and even gives Michael's coach some tips, so he can help her son better.

With the guidance of a loving family, Michael eventually qualified for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship and became the Baltimore Ravens' first-round pick for their NFL draft in 2009.

Draft Day (2014) Movie Poster

This movie revolves around Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, and he's getting ready for NFL's draft day. Pressured by the owner, head coach, and even his mother, he makes a decision to trade for the #1 pick which immediately changes his status amongst the Browns fans.

You'll definitely step away from the battlefield in this film because it's all about what happens backstage.

It's not as exciting as the games as it's about the decisions made during team creation, but the movie will keep you guessing the entire time.

The Express (2008) Movie Poster

This drama is based on the true story of Ernie davis, a talented college football player during the late 1950s. He's also the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.

The movie showcases the relationship he had with his coach, Ben Schwartzwalder, during his stay in Syracuse University.

In the heat of the civil rights movement, Ernie had to deal with so much prejudice. This motivational film will inspire you to stand up to challenges and stop at nothing to reach your dreams.

We Are Marshall (2006) Movie Poster

Based on a real-life tragedy, this is the story of what happened after the horrific plane crash on November 14, 1970 killing all 75 of its passengers that comprised of the Marshall University football team as well as their coaches, staff, and some of their supporters.

When the team hires its new coach, he gathers the surviving members, motivates them, and helps them through the heart-wrenching loss. In honor of their fallen comrades, they must keep their football program and team's legacy alive.

This movie will really tug on your emotions and it's a great film for you and your family or team to see together.

Greater (2016)

Since Brandon Burlsworth was 12, he's dreamed of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Even when he didn't make the team because he was considered too fat and too short, he still persevered and joined the team as a walk-on. He was bullied and his coach and teammates didn't believe in him, but he worked hard on and off the field and eventually, his teammates came to respect him.

He played as an offensive lineman for the team for 3 years, became the first Razorback to get a Bachelor's and Master's degree, and even got drafted into the NFL. But 11 days after being drafted, he was killed in a car accident.

This movie looks back on the life of this incredible football player and how he impacted the lives of those around him.

Invincible (2006)

Because of budget cuts, Vince Papale lost his job as a substitute teacher. As if his luck hasn't just run out, his wife files for divorce.

Trying to ease his struggles, he started to work as a bartender and played football with his friends in his free time.

When he found at that Dick Vermeil, the Philadelphia Eagles' new coach, will be holding an open tryout, Vince decided to give it a try.

This is based on the real-life story of the 30-year old bartender who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1976 against all odds.

Gridiron Gang (2006) Movie Poster

Sean Porter is a probation officer at the Kilpatrick juvenile detention center in Los Angeles. Finding that the teenage inmates had bleak prospects and a lack of discipline and self-esteem, Sean's heart reached out to them and became hard-set on creating a football team to help them turn their lives around.

This idea was met with resistance and skepticism, but Sean pushed through because he knew that even though these kids were convicted fellons, they just needed an opportunity to pave brighter futures for themselves.

This film is also based on a true story.

Undefeated (2011) Movie Poster

This documentary chronicles the Manassas Tigers, an underdog high school football team from North Memphis.

They have a 110-year losing streak, but after former coach Bill Courtney decided to help the team along with heroic plays from O.C., the team's star player, they finally won a playoff game in 2009.

Unlike the previous films which were also based on true stories, you'll get to see the actual characters in this one--the games, training sessions, and the interactions of the players and their coach.

The Longest Yard (2005) Movie Poster

Former Pittsburgh quarterback Paul Crewe was arrested for a traffic incident one drunken night.

He's set to do his time in Allenville Penitentiary where the warden, who makes profit from the football team he organized for his guards, asks Paul to build a football team with his fellow inmates in order to make the games more exciting.

If you're up for a film of a somewhat different vibe from the rest of the movies in the list so far, then this football comedy is for you.

Friday Night Lights (2004) Movie Poster

Based on the book of the same title by H.G. Bissinger, this movie follows the story of the Permian High Panthers and how they help the otherwise economically declining town of Odessa, Texas cope with their everyday lives.

Revolving around coach Gary Gaines, quarterback Mike Winchell, and tailback Boobie Miles, the story is about the team's journey and struggles to win the state championship.

Concussion (2015)

Based on another book and true story, this movie is about how Dr. Bennet Omalu, an accomplished pathologist, uncovered the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopaty in football players.

He then set to inform the authorities about this and tried to push public awareness about what causes brain damage in retired football players, only to meet resistance by powerful people in the NFL.

In this David-vs-Goliath dramatic thriller starring Will Smith, you'll get to see the darker side of the NFL as they attempt to cover up the science behind CTE instead of taking steps to further the safety of their players.

Remember the Titans (2000) Movie Poster

This is based on real-life events of 1971 Virginia when after generations of having segregated schools, Herman Boone, a black coach, was hired to supervise the T.C. Williams High School football team.

The film follows the team's journey as they become integrated at an otherwise turbulent period in history.

Despite facing challenges during a racially-divided era, the team becomes a symbol of unity, community, and trust. A truly inspiring movie.

Leatherheads (2008) Movie Poster

When Dodge Connoly's football team loses its sponsor, he needed to convince war hero and golden boy Carter Rutherford to join them. Carter agrees and Dodge becomes set to guide his team to filled stadiums and stardom.

But in comes Lexie Littleton, a journalist who's trying to dig deep into Carter's history, and she ends up becoming the romantic interest of the two guys.

Set in 1925, this rom-com film is a great lighthearted way to the pass the time.

Any Given Sunday (1999) Movie Poster

What happens if you fill a sports movie with characters like the veteran football coach, the business-savvy owner, the quarterback who's injured, the stubborn backup quarterback, and the slithery doctor?

And what if this ensemble of characters is played by actors like Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Foxx?

Well, you get Any Given Sunday, a behind-the-scenes drama that explores the fortunes of the Miami Sharks football team.

My All-American (2015) Movie Poster

When Freddie Steinmark got a scholarship to the University of Texas, Austin, he became a star player for the UT Longhorns under their coach Darrel Royal.

But in his junior year, Freddie suffered a shocking injury and found out that he had bone cancer. He then had his leg amputated.

Despite that, his courage and spirit became the fuel of inspiration for his team to win the championship that season.

Rudy (1993) Movie Poster

In Rudy's small town, he was always expected to end up working for the local steel mill. But he had dreams of his own.

Ever since he was a kid, he always wanted to play for the University of Notre Dame's football team. The problem was: His grades weren't at all impressive, he wasn't athletic, and he was short.

After high school, he went to work for the mill but he still nurtured his dreams. Eventually, he was admitted to the school of his dreams and in his third year, he tried out for the football team.

You'll definitely enjoy this sports film about friendship, teamwork, and never giving up on your dreams no matter how stacked up the odds are against you.

Varsity Blues (1999) Movie Poster

High school football is almost treated like a religion in Texas, especially in the small towns. And with the West Canaan Coyotes, Bud Kilmer is considered a deity, especially after leading the team to 22 division titles.

On their way to a 23rd win, the team's star quarterback gets injured and the players are forced to regroup under second-string quarterback Jonathan Moxon. But it seems like he's not as serious about the game as they need him to be.

This movie explores the obsession Texas has with football and how young athletes cope and react to the intense pressure placed on them by the game and its audience.

The Longest Yard (1974) Movie Poster

Truth be told, the movie of the same title released in 2005 starring Adam Sandler was actually a remake of this movie.

It features the same plot of a former pro quarterback forced to create a football team of inmates by the warden.

If you'd like to watch the fascinating plot line again, but this time with 1970s cinematography, then this is a great movie to pass the time with.

The Replacements (2000) Movie Poster

Based on a strike by professional football players in 1987, this movie starts off with the NFL Washington Sentinels going on a strike in the middle of a season.

This led the team's owner, Edward O'Neil, to recruit a disorganized team of players to replace the ones on strike and then hire the veteran coach Jimmy McGinty to whip these disorganized players into shape.

While some critics argue that the games have a lot of inaccuracies, this film is a lighthearted comedy that's pure fun from beginning to end.

Brian's Song (1971) Movie Poster

Based on the true story about the friendship of Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers during the 1960s when race-based segregation was still observed in professional football.

Their friendship became a much-needed symbol of unity for the civil rights era, especially after Brian was diagnosed with embryonal cell carcinoma and eventually died from it at age 26.

North Dallas Forty (1979) Movie Poster

Based on a novel by Peter Gent and the 1970s Dallas Cowboys, this movie revolves around a former pass-catcher who tries his best to not let the team's disciplinarian coaches damp down his individuality.

This dark satire on pro-football explores the catastrophic world NFL players face on and off the field.

It's an interestingly complex film that deserves to be watched more than once.

Knute Rockne, All American (1940) Movie Poster

This movie tells the story of Knute Rockne, a coach for the University of Notre Dame's football team. He's considered as one of the best college football coaches in history.

With the help of a teammate, he developed the forward pass as an offense. And during his time as head coach, he helped develop oustanding players like George Gipp and the Four Horseman.

This is the story of the son of Norwegian immigrants who has made many innovative tactics in football and eventually made it to the football college Hall of Fame.

When the Game Stands Tall (2014) Movie Poster

This is a biographical film centered on Robert Eugene Ladouceur, a retired high school football coach who took over the De La Salle High Spartans football program and led the team to 151 straight wins.

The movie starts when the streak was broken and it tells the story of how everyone responded to it.

The film gets better as you go along and it'll take you through coach Bob's philosophies and principles. Must-watch for all coaches.

Necessary Roughness (1991) Movie Poster

The Texas State University's Fightin' Armadillos can't get outstanding players with athletic scholarships anymore because they're sanctioned by the NCAA to form a football team from their student body.

Led by Ed Genero who forms a band of misfits, among them a 34-year-old quarterback with an incredible throwing arm and a female placekicker, this hilarious and goofy film is an enjoyable watch for any day.

Radio (2003) Movie Poster

Everyone knew James Kennedy by "Radio" because of his radio collection. He's pretty much a loner, just pushing his grocery cart wherever he went.

That is, until the coach of the local high school's football team, Harold Jones, saw something in him and befriends him. Coach Harold took Radio to football practice and even lets him sit in on classes.

This is a story of an unlikely friendship and never giving up on someone you believe in.

23 Blast (2014) Movie Poster

Travis Freeman was a local hero in a small town in Kentucky. He was a celebrated player in his high school's football team.

But in 1997, an infection took his sight away and essentially became blind overnight.

Despite that, he didn't give up on his love of the game and kept playing. With support and love from the people around him, he continues to compete and even helped his team reach the state finals.

The Game Plan (2007) Movie Poster

Joe Kingman is a superstar quarterback for his Boston-based team. He's got money, no shortage of women, and all sorts of bachelor-related fun.

But one day, an 8-year-old shows up at his place and tells him she's his daughter.

After confirming that the girl was telling the truth and finding out that the girl's mother has just died, he decided to straighten up and be the father that this girl needed.

Filled with goofy and hilarious scenes, this fun comedy is a great movie to watch with your family.

The Program (1993)

Lately, Eastern State University's football program hasn't been performing as well as they should and that's why Coach Winters recruited promising new players from different high schools.

With pressure from the school's administration to win the season, some of the football players try to cope with this pressure through drinking and even drugs.

But as long as they perform well on the field, their coach is willing to look the other way.

Little Giants (1994) Movie Poster

This is another great movie to watch with your family.

Here, Kevin O'Shea, a retired football superstar and winner of the Heisman Trophy, was chosen by their town to lead the local Pop Warner football team.

But his brother, Danny, creates a team to rival Kevin's especially after Danny's daughter didn't make it. Danny's kind of a nerd, but he sympathizes with the kids who were rejected, so he coached the team by himself.

What better way to deal with sibling rivalry than to make youth football teams of your own and have them fight their battles for you? A real fun watch!

All the Right Moves (1983) Movie Poster

Stefan Djordjevic lived in Ampipe, Pennsylvania, a small town he wanted to get out of. So he did his best as his high school football team's star player in the hopes of getting a scholarship at a good college.

But one day, he had a huge argument with his coach which got him kicked out of the team. If that wasn't bad enough, he was also blacklisted from college recruiters.

If he wants to reach his dreams, he has to fight to for it.

Starring a young Tom Cruise, this movie will hit home to all the small-town players out there with dreams of making it big.

Big Fan (2009) Movie Poster

Imagine you're a die-hard football fan and after stalking your favorite player of all time to meet him, he punches you in the face.

Well, that's the premise of this hilarious football comedy: Paul Aufiero, a hard-core fan of the New York Giants follows the team's linebacker, Quantrell Bishop, to a strip club. But when he approached the footbal player, it all went downhill from there.

This movie is for all the super intense football fans.

Jerry Maguire (1996) Movie Poster

Jerry Maguire is a respected sports agent and a top employee at his company, Sports Management International.

But he knew something wasn't right about how the higher-ups were running things. So he wrote a mission statement expressing his opinions, although this didn't impress his superiors and got him fired.

Deciding to become an independent agent instead, he's helped by Dorothy Boyd, a former accountant of Sports Management International who becomes his assistant, and he gets Rod Tidwell, a receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, to be his one and only client.

This film tells the story of his adventures.

The Waterboy (1998) Movie Poster

Bobby Boucher is the water boy for a football team at some university.

He loves his job even though he's always the butt of jokes and embarassed by the football players he dispenses water to.

When the football coach found out he had some strong tackling skills, he was enlisted to the team and even became the star player.

This hilarious football comedy will get you laughing from start to finish.

Touchback (2011) Movie Poster

15 years ago, Scott Murphy's promising football career ended in high school after a devastating knee injury during the championship game at Ohio State.

Even though his injury was the result of a heroic play that ultimately won them the game, it crippled him to a degree that he couldn't play football anymore. He lost his dream and ended up staying on his home town and working as a farmer.

One day, he woke up to a point back in time before he was injured. By some turn of fate, he got a second chance.

This movie is about that and what he did differently in order to change his destiny.

Facing the Giants (2006) Movie Poster

Grant Taylor is the coach of a Christian high school's football team. He has coached for 6 years, but his team is yet to win.

When he found out that he and his wife might be having infertility problems, that the fathers of his players were plotting to get him fired, and that the star player of his team is transferring to a different school, he fought hard to not lose hope.

In this indie film about Christian faith, Grant turned to prayer amidst all the challenges he's facing and helps his determined players move past the losses and defeat in order to win.

Wildcats (1986) Movie Poster

Molly McGrath is a track coach at a good school, but she quits her comfortable job to take on the challenge of coaching football at a predominantly black high school.

Since she's not exactly a football expert and add to that the culture and gender classes happening in her new team, she's definitely got her work cut out for her.

While she's trying her best to train her tough and cynical players, personal problems arise when her ex-husband fights for sole custody of their daughter, accusing Molly of neglecting her motherly responsibilities.

This movie is a refreshing feminist gem among movies of a sport dominated by men.

Everybody's All-American (1988) Movie Poster

This movie is about the lives and relationship of Gavin Grey, an All-American college football star, and his wife, Babs Rogers.

When the local football hero married the campus sweetheart and homecoming queen, everyone thought it was a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately, the pressures of being a famous athlete got in the way, causing mood swings and cracks in his marriage. All the while, Bab tries her best to keep up with her husband's career.

If you want a film that's away from the action and delves more into what the personal life is like for a pro football player, then give Everybody's All American a try.

The Longshots (2008) Movie Poster

Whoever said girls can't be quarterbacks?

This movie is based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer, who became the first female quarterback to play in Pop Warner football and even played at the 56th Annual Pop Warner Super Bowl.

Played by Keke Palmer, The Longshots takes on a comedic approach to Jasmine's inspirational story where Ice Cube plays a former football star and Jasmine's uncle who teaches her the ropes and helps her break the records she's broken.

Heaven Can Wait (1978) Movie Poster

Don't you just enjoy it when your favorite sport is mixed with a tint of magic?

In Heaven Can Wait, Joe Pendleton, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams who's determined to get his team into the Super Bowl, gets into an accident that puts his life in peril.

He wasn't dead yet, but an angel made the mistake of plucking his soul to take it to the afterlife. When she finds out that she shouldn't have done that, she knew she has to find Joe a recently dead body that hasn't been found yet.

With the help of Mr. Jordan, they found the body of a newly dead millionaire who was murdered by his wife. Exciting, isn't it?

Semi-Tough (1977) Movie Poster

This is a lighthearted and endearing film that tell the story of the lives of Billy, Marvin, and Barbara who are roommates in Miami.

When two of them (Barbara and Marvin) get romantically involved, the friendship of the three becomes compromised.

If you're wondering where football comes into play in the movie, well Billy and Marvin are pro football players and Barbara is the daughter of their team owner. And this is just a story of good 'ol friendship.

The Comebacks (2007) Movie Poster

Lambeau Fields has had a terrible career as a football coach. He never won and he's got terrible luck.

When he was about to give up, he was convinced by his friend, Freddie, to coach the Heartland State University football team.

There, Lambeau forms a team of rag-tags and misfits and tries to train them while he deals with personal challenges.

Another football comedy gold.

Horse Feathers (1932) Movie Poster

Up for a really, really old comedic film about football? Try Horse Feathers.

This classic Marx Brothers movie features professor Quincy Wagstaff, who has just been appointed president to Huxley College.

In order to beat Darwin University, their school's long-time rival at football, professor Quincy's son convinces him to enlist two pro football players.

However, Quincy accidentally recruits Pinky and Baravelli instead, two misfits who are far from the professional players he intended to call up. And that the real players are now actually a part of Darwin U's team.

So, Quincy asks Pinky and Baravelli to kidnap the football players. As if that won't go wrong.

Paper Lion (1968) Movie Poster

No sportswriter has ever been as determined as George Plimpton was when he joined the NFL Detroit Lions' training camp whilst keep his identity secret, all to write a great behind-the-scenes sports book and article for Sports Illustrated.

He really did it and even made it to the team. And this movie is based on that, although the creators did enjoy some creative license.

Some of the players also played themselves in the movie, so you'll definitely find that interesting.

The Best of Times (1986) Movie Poster

Jack Dundee had pretty much built his life after school. He's married, living in Taft, California, and working as a banker.

But even after years had past since high school, he still couldn't forget the mistake he made at a crucial football game, when he dropped a perfect pass from the quarterback which resulted the game to end in a tie.

Fueled by guilt and regret, Jack tries to convince his teammates back then to help him relive that football game, so he could have a second chance. And he's dead set on not screwing it up this time.

The Freshman (1925) Movie Poster

Quite different from the rest of the movies in this list, this silent film is a coming-of-age story about Harold Lloyd.

He went to his first day in Tate College with naive excitement and the nickname Speedy, thinking he'd be the most popular guy in school. Much like what he saw from movies.

He's quickly disappointed when he becomes a laughing stock instead. Desperate to redeem himself, he tries out for the high school football team.

The Last Boy Scout (1991) Movie Poster

Joe Hallenbeck isn't your model detective. He's an alcoholic and quite unpleasant.

When the witness he's been hired to protect--Cory, a stripper who's been receiving death threats--gets murdered, Joe sobers up and teams up with the girl's boyfriend, NFL quarterback Jimmy Dix, in order to apprehend her killers.

The investigation leads them to the middle of a corrupt American football association.

If you're looking for a football film mixed with the action-packed storyline of a murder mystery, then you've hit the jackpot with this one.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Movie Poster

When pat Solitano beats up his wife's lover, he was sent to a mental institution.

After he got out, he was determined to rebuild his broken relationship with his ex-wife and get himself back on his feet. But then he meets Tiffany, this mysterious girl who offers to help him but in exchange for a favor.

This romance isn't too much about football but more about the lives of football fans. And it'd be especially enjoyable for you if you're a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

School Ties (1992) Movie Poster

David Greene is a Jewish quarterback who went to high school in Pennsylvania. On his senior year, he was awarded a scholarship to attend a prestigious academy in New England.

Set in the 1950s and at a time plagued by anti-Semitism, David had to hide his religion, and in turn his identity, in order for him to fit in at his new school.

Even though he didn't want to do it, he was forced to because the scholarship was his opportunity to get into an Ivy League university.

This is a touching coming-of-age movie that touches on the uncomfortable topics of oppression and discrimination.

Lucas (1986) Movie Poster

This is a coming-of-age teenage film about a 14-year-old guy named Lucas. He's basically a nerd, so that gets him bullied a lot.

When he befriends Maggie and her boyfriend, Cappie, Lucas's school life somehow gets better because Cappie stands up for him and chases the bullies away.

The catch: Lucas falls for Maggie. And in order to woo her, Lucas joins the football team.

Monday Night Mayhem (2002) Movie Poster

This one's a movie about the sport commentators.

Based on the book by Marc Gunter and Bill Carter, this film follows the journalist Howard Cosell along with ex-athletes Don Meredith and Frank Gifford as they lead the weekly telecast of ABC's Monday Night Football back in 1970.

Featuring highlights from the real show, this movie will really take you back, especially if you've been following football for decades now.

The Slaughter Rule (2002) Movie Poster

After Roy Chutney's estranged dad kills himself, Roy gets kicked out of his high school football team. Having a huge part of his life cut off, he wiles away drinking and getting into a relationship with the local barmaid.

One day, Gideon Ferguson, tje coach of a small semi-pro team of 6 people, asks Roy to be his quarterback and Roy agrees. This is the coming-of-age story of Roy Chutney's life in a small rural town and time playing for the Renegades.

Go Tigers (2001) Movie Poster

Go Tigers is a documentary chronicling the 1999 season of the Massillon Tigers' high school football team in Ohio.

This small town is obsessed with football, too much that it's an ingrained part of their identity. So when the football team garnered a win after the nightmare of the previous season, the players suddenly began to carry the weight of tremendous pressure for them to get scholarships and win more games.

If you're curious about how small towns pitting their fates on their local athletes too much and how this affects the young players, then you'll enjoy this documentary.

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 (2008) Movie Poster

Football fans know about the historic football game in November 1968 between the Harvard Crimsons and the Yale Bulldogs.

Yale has been leading the game 29-13 and it seemed like they'd take the victory as there was only 42 seconds left before the match ended. But Harvard made the most epic comeback, scoring 16 points during that time and ending the game with a 29-29 tie.

This documentary is all about that game, and the creators dug up video footage from archives and even tracked down the players who took a part in the game for interviews.

Fighting Back - The Story of Rocky Bleier (1980)

This is based on Rocky Bleier's autobiography which was published in 1975.

Rock Bleier was a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers but then he got drafted into the US Army to fight in the Vietnam War. There, he was shot in the thigh and even got hit by a hand grenade in his right leg.

When he came back, he didn't think he could walk again. But after rehabilitation, he was able to fight the odds and got back on his feet. Not only that, but he was determined to play football again.

And with the support of his wife Aleta and owners and coach Art Rooney and Chuck Noll, he was able to help his team win the Super Bowl.

Trouble Along the Way (1953) Movie Poster

Father Burke's Catholic college is in huge debt so he hires Steve Williams, an ex-coach to train the school's football team and hopefully earn money.

But Steve had problems of his own: He's fighting his ex-wife for custody of their child. Pressured by personal problems and a time constraint to save the financially-troubled college, he makes some questionable decisions.

The Junction Boys (2002) Movie Poster

Based on the 2001 book of the same name written by Jim Dent, this is the tale of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's way of coaching at Texas A&M.

Featuring the 1954 training camp in Junction, Texas, coach Bear subjects his players to tough conditions, training them by pushing them to their limits.

Only a few football players make it through 'til the end, but those that do form an amazing bond that can only come from a shared experience of intense suffering and perseverance.

Two for the Money (2005) Movie Poster

Brandon Lang was a college quarterback whose football career ended because of an injury.

When he finds out he has a talent for predicting who'll win football matches, he teams up with Walter Abrams, a businessman that operates a glitzy world of sports gambling.

Windrunner (1994) Movie Poster

Greg Cima is a high-school student (who also plays football) who recently moved to a new school in Utah where his father was doing time in prison.

He was bullied in his new school because his father was convicted. Even his football coach discriminated him, keeping Greg on the bench, hardly ever playing.

Shunned by his classmates and football team, he meets the spirit of James Francis Thorpe, the first Native American to win an Olympic gold medal for the US.

James decides to coach Greg on football and thus starts the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Quarterback Princess (1983)

If you're in the mood for another rare feminist football film, then you'll love this classic.

This movie tells the story of Tami, a young Canadian girl who moves to Oregon and causes quite a stir when she tries out to be the quarterback for her high school's football team.

It's a fun and highly enjoyable family movie that will leave you feeling like you can do anything.

Second String (2002) Movie Poster

Chuck Dichter, the Buffalo Bills coach, has just been crowned a Super Bowl winner. His team became a formidable adversary for many football teams.

But one day, before an important play-offs game, the Bills got food poisoning from oysters which rendered their quarterback incapable of playing. So, Coach Chuck hires Dan Heller, an insurance salesman, to become the new quarterback.

If you're a sucker for underdog movies, this small release is for you.

Field of Vision (2011) Movie Poster

This is an inspirational film that tackles the uncomfortable topic of bullying.

Tyler McFarland is the football star in his high school and about to lead his team to win the state championship.

When he finds out that two football players are bullying the new kid, Cory, he has to decide what to do. His morality urges him to stop the bullying, but as team captain, he hesitates because it might compromise their chances of winning.

They Call Me Sirr (2001) Movie Poster

In South Central Los Angeles, Sirr Eluan Parker has been abandoned by their mother for drugs and left him to take care of his younger brother.

Coach Griffin, the football coach of his high school, personally mentors him.

This inspirational movie is based on the true story of Sirr Parker, who eventually moved on from Locke High School to play for the Texas A&M and even got drafted into the NFL and played for other associations like the Canadian and Arena Football Leagues.

Hometown Legend (2002) Movie Poster

County officials in a small town in Alabama plan to close down the local high school because of cutbacks.

On its last year of existence, Coach Buster Schuler leads the football team one last time.

The plot includes a scholarship where two main players, Brian and Elvis, contend for, a Southern girl named Rachel who turns to prayer in the hopes of a miracle to not shut the school down, and a teaming up of the characters in order to save the school.

This is a great family movie that proclaims faith and prayer.

Possums (1998) Movie Poster

In Nowata, Oklahoma, the local football team weren't really stars. The Nowata Possums haven't scored a touchdown in 13 years.

The townsfolk got so used to their underperforming local team that they decided to lose funding for the football program in favor of a discount store.

One man however, a man who goes by Will Clark, won't accept defeat and hosts a radio channel where he announces fictional games of which the Nowata Possums win every single time.

After an episode where he narrated the Possums winning the State Championship, the real champions show up. And they're not impressed.

The 5th Quarter (2010) Movie Poster

After the tragic death of Jon Abbate's younger brother, he almost gave up playing football.

But realizing his brother wouldn't have wanted him to, he wore his brother's journey and led the Wake Forrest school's football team to a very successful season.

This sports drama about paying tribute to lost loved ones by living your dreams for them will really touch your heart.

A Triumph of the Heart - The Ricky Bell Story (1991) Movie Poster

Ricky Lynn Bell was a running back for both the NFL Buccaneers and Chargers. He was also college football star when he attended the University of Southern California.

This film is set in 1981 season of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and revolves around the friendship of Ricky and Ryan Blankenship, a disabled guy who inspired Ricky Bell to better his life in so many ways.

Containing actualy video footage from football games Ricky Bell has played in, this movie will inspire you too.

The 4th Company (2016)

20-year-old Zambrano was an inmate in Santa Martha prison. All he wanted was some solace while doing his time, so he joined the football team that comprised of his fellow prisoners.

The team was called Los Perros, but later on Zambrano finds out that they're also the 4th Company, a criminal organization within the prison that controls the privileges and services for the inmates.

This incredible Mexican film tells the story of what Mexican prisons were like in the 70s to 80s, and it's a commentary of how police and government authorities still have a sinister kind of hold in the prisons of the country to this day.

Told through the story of football, this is gripping film about Mexico's criminal world.

Air Bud Golden Receiver (1998)

Maybe you're in the mood to watch America's favorite Golden Receiver (ehem, I meant Golden Retriever).

This Air Bud movie will surely be enjoyable for you and your family. Set in the Ferfield, Washington, this is the story of an amazing dog who can play football.

Balls Out (2014) Movie Poster

Get ready for a comedic gem about flag football.

In this sports film, Caleb Fuller is a college senior who's about to graduate and maybe even get married.

He organizes a get-together of his old flag football team so they can join their college's Intramurals.

The Bear (1984) Movie Poster

This is a biographical film about the great Paul Bryant, otherwise known as Coach Bear.

Played by Gary Busey, this movie follows Coach Bear's life and his football career, mainly his time spent coaching for the football team of the University of Alabama.

If you're a fan of Paul Bryant's work, or if you're curious about the kind of life he lived and what kind of coach he was, then you'll enjoy this movie.

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