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Understanding the Zone Blocking Scheme in Football

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

The zone blocking scheme is a great way to counter any defensive play that might be called.

It provides a lot of advantages for offensive linemen, no matter what defensive play is called.

While it’s a little more complicated to teach and learn than the man blocking scheme, it isn’t too difficult that it’d be hard for younger players to learn.

The earlier you teach the zone blocking scheme to your players, and the more often you practice it, the easier it’ll be for them to master it.

Here’s a closer look at what the zone blocking scheme is, starting with the problem in man blocking that was created by the slant and angle defense.

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Wing T Offense Football Coaching Guide

Wing T Offense (Coaching Guide With Images)

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

The Wing T offense is a formation that not a lot of defensive coaches and teams are used to seeing.

It is not a traditional base offense in the sense that it has one tight end, one running and multiple wide receivers on the field.

At the same time, it does not have the “big” personnel that some other run-heavy formations such as the Single-Wing and Double-Wing offenses have.

Instead, the Wing T offense is a hybrid of them both.

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Run and Shoot Offense Football Coaching Guide

Run and Shoot Offense (Coaching Guide With Images)

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

The Run and Shoot offense was first made popular in the 1970s with Darrel “Mouse” Davis and his Portland State football teams.

His version of the offense was very simplified, in that it contained only three running plays and five passing plays.

Instead of having multiple plays that could be run, the offense instead created variations off those plays to take advantage of the specific situation and the specific defense that the opposing team was running on a play.

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