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linebacker drills

5 Linebacker Drills to Improve Speed, Reads, and Tackling

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Linebackers have a lot of responsibilities that other positions don’t have.

They need to shed blockers to get to ball carriers to make tackles.

They need to backpedal, shuffle from side to side, and then angle to get to ball carriers — all in the same play.

They also need to keep their eyes in the backfield while preparing to react as they read whether a play is a pass or run.

Because of this, linebacker drills will be a little different than ones that coaches use for other positions.

Here are five linebacker drills that all coaches should teach their linebackers to help them improve their speed, reads, and tackling.

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defensive line drills

5 Defensive Line Drills to Get More Sacks and Tackles

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Defensive line is a very demanding position.

Not only must players have good speed, footwork, and strength, they also must take on shed blocks from big offensive linemen.

They also face constant contact from a variety of players that come from all angles, as they look to break free and get to a ball carrier or a quarterback.

So, here are 5 defensive line drills to help players pick up the skills that they need to play the position.

These drills will go a long way in teaching your defensive linemen the basics to consistently shed blocks and record more tackles and sacks.

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offensive line drills

5 Offensive Line Drills to Keep the QB Safe and Protected

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

The big boys on the offensive line will often dictate how successful a football team’s offense is.

The quarterback and other skill position players get a lot of the credit, but none of what they do would be possible if the offensive line didn’t perform well.

The offensive line has the fairly straightforward responsibility of protecting the skill players on the team. This includes opening up holes for the running game and keeping the quarterback enough time to throw on passing plays.

And coaches play a crucial role in teaching them how to be outstanding football players.

So, here are 5 drills to help your offensive linemen build their strength, speed, and stamina, as well as teach them effective blocking methods and tricks for protecting skill players on their offense.

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quarterback drills

5 Quarterback Drills to Develop Accuracy and Power

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Throwing with accuracy and power is one of the most important skills a quarterback can learn. And teaching him to do so is a multi-step process.

As a coach, you should start by having a quarterback work on throwing with his upper body and hips.

Then, you can work in some footwork and receiver recognition before integrating quarterback drills to teach him how to avoid pressure.

Finally, you can combine all the teachable skills so quarterbacks can learn how to hit receivers running routes in stride.

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running back drills

5 Running Back Drills to Increase Agility and Speed

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

When people think of the running back position, they often just think of taking hand-offs or pitches from the quarterback and running with the ball.

But a running back’s job is so much more complex than that.

And it’s actually pretty demanding. They have a lot of roles and responsibilities that take a lot of different skills to master.

As a coach, you can help your running backs work on two of the most important skills (agility and speed) by running these 5 drills.

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The Oklahoma Drill Should Be Banned Forever (Here’s Why)

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

The infamous Oklahoma Drill was created more than 70 years ago now by Bud Wilkinson, the former coach of the University of Oklahoma football team who won three national championships and 14 conference titles.

While some aspects of the game of football that were created that long ago are still relevant today, this archaic and dangerous drill is not one of them.

Many “old-school” football players, coaches, and fans think the game is becoming “soft” today, but there is plenty of evidence that not only does the Oklahoma Drill put players at risk of serious injury, but it doesn’t have many benefits at all.

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