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What is 21 Personnel Football (Full Explanation)

What is 21 Personnel in Football? (Full Explanation)

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

Coaches in football give different offensive alignments different names, based on how many players at each position are on the field.

Doing this simplifies the call so that the defense can quickly recognize the type of offense they’ll face, as well as what’s most likely going to come at them as a result.

These are what’s known as personnel groupings, and one of them is the 21 Personnel.

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singleback formation

Singleback Formation (Coaching Guide With Images)

By Coach Martin | Football Offense

The Singleback Formation is one of the most popular offensive formations in football today.

Teams can use it at all different levels of the game, mainly because of all the different variations coaches can install with it.

This formation is very easy to teach, and there are ways that both run-heavy youth football teams as well as pass-happy professional teams can use it with great success.

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