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What is a Linebacker in Football? (LB Position Guide)

By Coach Martin | Football Positions

Great linebackers can have a monumental impact on a football game. They can completely change the direction of a defense just by being on the field.

But what makes a great linebacker? What are some of their top traits?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the position, and what can players do if they want to become great linebackers?

Here’s a look at all these aspects.

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5 Linebacker Drills to Improve Speed, Reads, and Tackling

By Coach Martin | Football Drills

Linebackers have a lot of responsibilities that other positions don’t have.

They need to shed blockers to get to ball carriers to make tackles.

They need to backpedal, shuffle from side to side, and then angle to get to ball carriers — all in the same play.

They also need to keep their eyes in the backfield while preparing to react as they read whether a play is a pass or run.

Because of this, linebacker drills will be a little different than ones that coaches use for other positions.

Here are five linebacker drills that all coaches should teach their linebackers to help them improve their speed, reads, and tackling.

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